How to view and prove your status and share this with third parties

Third parties may include employers and landlords.

It is important to note that EEA citizens should still be able to show their identity documents to prove their rights in the UK until 30 June 2021.

The Home Office will not issue physical proof of your status unless you are a non-EEA family member who has not previously been issued a biometric residence card.

The confirmation email and the PDF letter you receive are not proof of your status so you will need to log in to your online profile to prove your status.

To log into your online profile, you will need to:

  1. chose the identity document you used in your application, for example:
  • Biometric residence card (BRC)
  • National identity card
  • Passport
  1. enter your passport/ID card/ BRC number
  2. enter your date of birth
  3. confirm who you are

A ‘one-time’ six-digit access code will be sent to your phone or email address, depending on what you have specified. This code is valid for a limited time. Once you enter it, you will be logged into your online profile and be able to view your Pre-Settled or Settled Status.

Once you have logged into your online profile, you can also navigate to “Prove your status to someone” and receive a ‘share code’ to prove your status to others, such as employers and landlords.