• Registration, maintenance and closing of companies in the UK;
  • Registration of a value added tax payer (VAT);
  • Employer Registration (PAYE);
  • Registration of a contractor or subcontractor in Construction Industry Scheme (CIS);
  • Preparation and submission of the company’s annual accounts (Corporation Tax; Accounts and Confirmation Statement);
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly reports VAT;
  • Payroll calculations and preparation of monthly statements (Payroll services);
  • Monthly preparation and submission of payment reports to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS);
  • Assistance in preparing documents and obtaining refunds for CIS for companies;
  • Accounting for current operations (Bookkeeping);
  • Drafting accountant letters for various institutions;

In addition to preparing and submitting the necessary reports to the relevant organizations (HMRC, Companies House), we provide consultation on marketing and development of your business. All accounting is carried out in a modern electronic format, allowing you to minimize the timing of calculations and eliminate data entry errors, thereby reducing your tax costs.

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